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The Projects of Owltech Labs

There are a few projects currently under work, including stuff from communications,cryptography, entomology, cellular biology and material engineering. As soon as projects will be finished I'll try uploading guides for building the stuff we made yourselves. I hope there will be something for everyone to try. Not all the ideas are original but i will try to add an original twist to each.

These are the projects that are currently being worked on:
~ Pager Wave (real name TBA) - A two way pager-like device, using walkie-talkie frequencies to send messages
~ Closed Loop Cipher - A substitution cipher in which the leters are replaced by blocks (called loops) with some more trickery to it
~ Butterfly/Moth Spreading Board - A DIY spreading board for the amateur entomomogist
~ SCOBY Faux Leather - Developing a way of making synthetic leather out of colonies of bacteria and yeast
~ Installing Gentoo - You should do it too