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The Owltech Initiative is the edgy name i gave to this ol' project i started with a few friends. Its basically a research group focused on everything that is obscure. Hence why Neocities is one of the place i'll host this website on. Now , what do i mean by obscure? Well, everything from paranormal to conspiracies, internet history to weird networks, linguistics to cryptography, technology to survival. I might even explore recent discoveries in certain branches of science and engineering. As of yet no one has done much in the group in terms of research apart from me, but I barely keep everyone else up to date on what I find, so I can't really blame them. I haven't done that much on my own either but the bits i've done slowly begin to build up. This website should act like a clean version of my research journals. I plan to have a few projects on web exploration, some experiments based on weird patents i found online, detailed research on various conspiracies across the world, investigations in cyberpunk culture, guides on dead and alive languages, codes and many others. I also plan to have a section of this website dedicated for an index of links to intresting resources on the clearweb and beyond.
I dont want Owltech to ruin the experience of obscure places and practices by simply cataloging them and having people flood the scene but at the same time i find them so fascinating that i feel like more people should know about such wonderful mysterious things, and that these things should have their history recorded somewhere for a time when they will remain, for eternity, just that: History. I have confused feelings about my very website, but I think that perhaps hosting it on Neocities would be the best option, i get to have people find this, but not so many people that it would ruin the mystifying atmosphere I feel around what i write about.
Is this a blog? Might be, from a structural point. I kind of want to keep it similar to my research journals. Too bad to can't ringbind a website. So think of this as a research website. Or think of this as a book with a weird mesh of a grimoire with a guide to various stuff that you find in the woods, but, you know, in the form of a website. Anyway, you're welcome to look around. Not that, at the time of writing (18-06-18) there would be anything to look at, the site is a mess and i need to sort it out before i add anything else. Until a new update, this is QL, signing off.

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